charley stone

>Where are you? On a bed, Hackney.
>What are you? I am the Helena Bonham-Carter of rock.
>What do you make? "Don't make it, be it"
>What do you love? Food, drink, fucking, sleeping, kissing, sunshine & soft breezes, conversation, writing, singing, being on stage, the sea, fresh air & green grass, Henry Miller (except Tropic of Cancer), carousels, a good cry or a good smoke or a good punch... London...
>What do you hate? The music industry... London...
>What do you listen to? Stereolab, Yo La Tengo, Moonshake (when Margaret was guitar woman, forever...), the new Blur album, assorted hip hop records I got lucky with, Buffalo Daughter, Cornelius, the old Throwing Muses (with Tanya and Lesley on board), songs from the shows, Sidi Bou Said, Duran Duran (c. Seven & the Ragged Tiger), David Sylvian (esp. Gone to Earth), Bowie's "Scary Monsters", Can "Hallehluwah", Kraftwerk "TransEurop Express", Neu "Neu 2", Faure's "Requiem", Mozart...
>What do you watch? Wings of Desire, Picnic At Hanging Rock, Cabaret
>What do you drink? Fresh orange juice, Badoit, Earl Grey tea, Guinness, JD & coke, Maker's Mark, bottled lagers, real ale, Harvey Wallbangers, fake champagne....
>What do you smoke? Slim Panatellas
>What do you take? Vitamin C
>What do you believe in? Space... empty space & points of light...

When We Were 16

>Where were you? Tiny bedroom, Exeter.
>What were you? A lesbian in denial
>What did you wear? Black Tshirts saying things like "The Cure", tie dyed trousers, hair that was growing long, bracelets I made from bits of the Eiffel Tower, hats to hide behind, a permanent frown....
>What did you listen to? The Cure "Standing on a Beach", Japan "Adolescent Sex" and "Tin Drum", David Bowie "Low" and "Ziggy Stardust", Arcadia, Cocteau Twins, David Sylvian "Gone to Earth"
>What did you watch? The sky in the morning over Barton Fields
>What did you love? Running up hills, dreaming, writing
>What did you hate? My peers
>What did you drink? Red wine, nightly, melancholy & solitary.
>What did you smoke? Nothing
>What did you take? Nothing
>What did you want to be? "Pop star"
>Who did you fight? Noone
>Who/What did you believe in? God. My own creativity.
>Where did you go? Rarely much further than my own backyard.
>What did you learn? How to touch