Who Are You?: charlize theron
Where Are You?: los angeles
What Are You?: a future superstar
What do you make?: men horny
What do you love?: horny men
What do you hate?: women
What do you listen to?: why would i listen to anyone but myself?
What do you watch?: movies with great actressy bits. you can learn alot from the old girls.
What do you drink?: the blood of moguls
What do you smoke?: the competition
What do you take?: everything
What do you believe in?: might makes right

When We Were 16

Where were you?: south africa
What were you?: impatient
What did you wear?: whatever showed off my hot young body to best advantage
What did you listen to?: see previous questionnaire
What did you watch?: ibid
What did you love?: ibid
What did you hate?: ibid
What did you drink?: ibid
What did you smoke?: ''
What did you take?: ''
What did you want to be?: a future superstar
Who did you fight?: anyone who got in my way
Who/What did you believe in?: myself
Where did you go?: up, up, up!
What did you learn?: i am the greatest!