Who Are You?: Ciaran
Where Are You?: Dublin (raining)
What Are You?: Grumpy
What do you make?: A racket
What do you love?: Emma Peel, Serge Gainsbourg, Walter Gropius, Jack Kerouac, Chris Morris, Kylie
What do you hate?: Laziness, taudriness
What do you listen to?: Felt, Kraftwerk, Serge Gainsbourg, Beach Boys, film soundtracks, Stereolab, My Bloody Valentine, Propaganda, Pizzicato 5, Can, Billy Fury, Cilla Black, The Glitter Band, Young Marble Giants, Saint Etienne
What do you watch?: Comedy and music on TV. Usually Channel 4, natch.
What do you drink?: I don't drink
What do you smoke?: I don't smoke
What do you take?: I don't take drugs (but am thinking of starting).
What do you believe in?: The human spirit

When We Were 16

Where were you?: At home, in school
What were you?: Shy, awkward
What did you wear?: School uniform
What did you listen to?: What I listen to now
What did you watch?: Same as now
What did you love?: Same as now
What did you hate?: Same as now
What did you drink?: Same as now
What did you smoke?: Same as now
What did you take?: Same as now (this is getting boring, isn't it?)
What did you want to be?: A pop star, failing that a teacher.
Who did you fight?: My peers
Who/What did you believe in?: I believed in the power of pop. The power of Power Pop!
Where did you go?: To my lovely.
What did you learn?: Spanish, French, Art.