Who Are You?: conair

Where Are You?: Dublin, Ireland

What Are You?: tired (its3:40am)

What do you make?: my basement into a place to sit and get drunk (its orange)

What do you love?: orange paint

What do you hate?: having no orange paint

What do you listen to?: various things (mostly chosen by my friend Vita, she is very......strong willed)

What do you watch?: farrrrrrrrrrr too much T.V.

What do you drink?: anything alcholic, im most noted for drinking 8~9 shots of vodka in one go..

What do you smoke?: i cant parents would kill me

What do you take?: abuse

What do you believe in?: anything said by vita (theres no point in resisting...

Where were you?: i am 16 but, sitting in front of my computer, and ocasionally goin down to my friends in my basement(who pretty much lived there)

When We Were 16

What were you?: still tired

What did you wear?: the socially acceptable clothes

What did you listen to?: what ever the vita told me too

What did you watch?: copious amounts of the simpsons(well them all i suppose...)

What did you love?: life

What did you hate?: um....death

What did you drink?: see above

What did you smoke?: still cant tell you

What did you take?: money ot of my pocket to pay for vitas smokes

What did you want to be?: older

Who did you fight?: no one

Who/What did you believe in?: Franjessica Dwane

Where did you go?: my basement

What did you learn?: how to roll.................cigaretts