a creature of the universe

Who Are You?: a creature of the universe like the flowers n stuff
Where Are You?: in me room terribly hot
What Are You?: a jerk n a moron
What do you make?: carbon dioxide n hydrochloric acid
What do you love?: hairlessness, blokes here n there, eyecandy, twaty muzik
What do you hate?: food, grass, meself
What do you listen to?: tori amos, the verve, the eels, whatever
What do you watch?: tv lots n lots of it!other people
What do you drink?: water, beer n ribena
What do you smoke?: farts nay that i expel
What do you take?: boodly crap from the 'authorities'
What do you believe in?: i will die soon and i am glad of it

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in mum's womb
What were you?: chicken embryo
What did you wear?: basically nutin
What did you listen to?: joy division
What did you watch?: the teletubbies! hahah
What did you love?: sleeping, boozing, bumming
What did you hate?: breathing
What did you drink?: piss
What did you smoke?: car exhust
What did you take?: rat vomit
What did you want to be?: a super star, the king, you know
Who did you fight?: the whole world
Who/What did you believe in?: the dust god no capital letters
Where did you go?: hell n back
What did you learn?: fashion is passion dont buy the wrong skateboard keep off the grass dont leave the ice cream out overnite