Who Are You?: cristian
Where Are You?: at my desk in the office in london, just about to fly off to edinburgh
What Are You?: don't really know - work for sport tv programme
What do you make?: weekly one hour sport show
What do you love?: my n(ex)t girlfriend
What do you hate?: violence
What do you listen to?: depends on my mood - music & silence
What do you watch?: too much TV
What do you drink?: vodka tonic (large)
What do you smoke?: not fags
What do you take?: neurofen
What do you believe in?: fate

When We Were 16

Where were you?: henley
What were you?: an arse
What did you wear?: clothes that made me look ridiculous
What did you listen to?: japan, new order, bunnies, cure, joy division...
What did you watch?: too much TV
What did you love?: all girls
What did you hate?: most boys at my school
What did you drink?: pernod & black
What did you smoke?: nada
What did you take?: nada
What did you want to be?: grown up
Who did you fight?: no-one
Who/What did you believe in?: catholic religion
Where did you go?: down to the river
What did you learn?: about sheep in Australia and coal in Canada