Who Are You?: dan

Where Are You?: leeds, behind my pc at the end of the first sunny monday i can remember. listening to 'slow graffiti' by belle & sebastian over & over & over ...

What Are You?: someone taking too long in getting round to becoming a star whilst earning enough to spend on pleasures that get in the way of the above ...

What do you make?: fine pasta dishes, perfectly formed 'camberwell carrots', sparkly guitar riffs

What do you love?: the idea that it's all just round the corner ...

What do you hate?: needless violence

What do you listen to?: b&s, divine comedy, 70's funk, talvin singh, bjork, STONE ROSES, marvin gaye, mowax, radiohead, beastie boys, orange juice, ltj bukem, grandmaster flash, mogwai

What do you watch?: as little as possible but at friends: premier team games, simpsons, fred dibnah, adam & joe, south park, modern times, too much sky1 in general

What do you drink?: export, guiness, g&t, tequila&JD&coke, seabreeze, kahlua

What do you smoke?: tabs & booda

What do you take?: the piss

What do you believe in?: oneday we'll sort this mess out

When We Were 16

Where were you?: private school, not doing enough things my state school friends were

What were you?: sport-hating rugby team player, skint, lazy, not bad for a 16 year old (Thom Yorke says something like: nobility is about being noble to one's former self - & I think I know what he means).

What did you wear?: carter usm t-shirts, black shorts, black boots & biker jacket (50 quid from Leeds market)

What did you listen to?: stone roses, charlatans, shamen, chameleons, carter usm, sarah bands, american import 7"s

What did you watch?: any 'coming of age' movie (pretty in pink, breakfast club - what's that director called?) or bbc2/C4 drama. occaisonal sci-fi

What did you love?: emphatically a series of crushes on school girls on the bus (notably one I work with now- utterly gorgeous, pleasantly chatty but completely uninteresting)

What did you hate?: my sister's father when he left

What did you drink?: cider till you puked on the last bus

What did you smoke?: tabs down the park

What did you take?: more shit than I should have done

What did you want to be?: popstar

Who did you fight?: shied away from violence off the rugby pitch

Who/What did you believe in?: that everything was easy & money grows on trees

Where did you go?: the park every night, headingly pubs, parties

What did you learn?: not enough about what i could have gotten away with