Who Are You?: I'm Darren, also known as darrenpop, babe, darrebi, dazza, darenohama...
Where Are You?: In London - Golders Green, in my room, with a slight hangover.
What Are You?: I'm a writer for a property newspaper.
What do you make?: Mistakes - on a regular basis, but I don't regret anything as long as there's always something else to look forward to.
What do you love?: Myself, my family, girls/women who tend not to love me back, Ai in Liverpool, European unity, the energy of youth, the music of Michael Head, internationalism, Japanese clubs, Spurs, tolerance ...
What do you hate?: Myself, making decisions, "men who come from building sites", the feeling that someone is just like me only better, the London underground, ...
What do you listen to?: (now) a Sony MD, Shack, Momus, Stereolab, the Cherry Orchard, Bayswater ...
What do you watch?: Very little. Old Blackadder videos ? Japanese AVs ?
What do you drink?: Moscow Mule, or any Czech beer.
What do you smoke?: Nothing.
What do you take?: Nothing.
What do you believe in?: I believe in Myself, in as much as I have to believe that I am at the centre of my world in order to get on - at least for now. I believe in a basic faith in others - is that a silly thing to say ? I believe that people will always do to me as I do to them.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: At the JFS comprehensive, Camden Town
What were you?: An arsehole, probably. A clever, short, sweet kid but lazy and always yakking, who never recovered from being told he was a prodigy or something at the age of 8, and fell into the 'hard lad' crowd at senior school.
What did you wear?: Out of school ? This was 1984, and I was discovering fashion for the first time - unfortunately my first ever role model was Paul Weller in his Leo Gemelli/Fila period. But I was a lousy casual, because in truth I desperately wanted to be a real Mod but none of my friends were, so I didn't have the nerve...
What did you listen to?: The Smiths, the Style Council, New Order... Well, before that, only chart pop (I loved bands like OMD, Depeche Mode, the Lotus Eaters), really. I'd love to say I listened to Orange Juice & Josef K in 1981, or the Mary Chain and Felt in 1984, but I'd be a bit of a liar.
What did you watch?: I remember being a big fan of Auf Wiedersehen Pet, and the Young Ones.
What did you love?: Oh, heck ... I loved motor racing, believe it or not. I was obsessive about it, buying two copies of the magazines so I could keep one pristine, and mutilate the other one to cut out the pictures and put in a very well-ordered file.
What did you hate?: Nothing much. I had yet to experience much kind of hate directed at myself (apart from local skins in Camden), and consequently I had very little hate in me - except perhaps awful chart acts like Modern Romance or whatever.
What did you drink?: My first drink, at 15, was vodka and orange on an English trip to see Henry IV at some theatre or other - I had one drink & apparently was very loud, and got bollocked by Miss Craig the next day.
What did you smoke?: I smoked my first ever fag at 16, and hated it. Bloody 'orrible.
What did you take?: Nothing.
What did you want to be?: I desperately wanted to be a writer, which I guess came true. I also had a dream that I'd either become a racing driver or run an F1 team one day. Hmm.
Who did you fight?: Usually my mum - we wound each other up so much. And I bust Stephen Colman's nose in the lunch queue once, cos he tried to push in.
Who/What did you believe in?: I think I still believed in religion, but more because I'd always been told to than any other reason.
Where did you go?: Very few places. I was a quiet teenager, and didn't go out much.
What did you learn?: Not a lot really. The best thing I learnt at 16, was about three months before my O levels, when I realised that unless I knuckled down for the first time, I was going to fuck up all my promise, I wasn't going to do get to do A levels, and hence I'd never get to be a writer (so I considered). So I started working hard for the first time.