Daryl aka 'Buddha'

Who Are You?: Daryl aka 'Buddha'
Where Are You?: Chicago, IL - in a computer lab...just chillin
What Are You?: what am i? im a happy puppy dog, for starters. college student, artiste, all the other cliched titles that you can think of...
What do you make?: i make art. i try to make love, but most times i just make laughter.
What do you love?: i love life, and how it always keeps me guessing. everytime i think it will be predictable, it throws me for a loop. sometimes you just gotta smile at how crazy life is. i love that.
What do you hate?: i hate people who hate for no reason, and who find it necessary to share that hate with everyone. i hate people who are uncooperative. i hate people who hate me.
What do you listen to?: oh boy. everything except country and rock music. including sea and cake, eminem, stone temple pilots, gypsy kings, carlos ortega and his latin combo, common, sometimes- pavement. (pretty much everything)
What do you watch?: The Simpsons. and movies, lots of movies.
What do you drink?: beer. anything really, but beer.
What do you smoke?: RARELY i smoke cigars. even less than that i smoke cigarettes (ive only ever smoke less than a dozen cigs- they are for variety, but not good for you at all)
What do you take?: I take life by the balls. I get easily tired of the same old shit.
What do you believe in?: i believe in myself, and only i can control what happens to me. if i succeed, its my doing. if i fail, its my doing.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Berwyn/Cicero, Illinois
What were you?: a nerd/jock highschool highbrow who was tired and bored with highschool as a stage of social development.
What did you wear?: Pretty much the same things i do now, though id have to say that my clothing slowly gets louder and more obnoxious by the day
What did you listen to?: a LOT of Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots. a LOT of U2.
What did you watch?: i watched everything. im ashamed to say i watched so much TV when i was in HS. it was such a waste of time.
What did you love?: i loved my friends, and just going out, kicking around, raising hell and feeling good about it.
What did you hate?: i hated highschool. all the stupid little clicks and stupid little people. some people reach their highest level of social development in HS and its sad. those people have a lifetime of dead end jobs and unhappy marriages to look forward to.
What did you drink?: Pepsi. and mountain dew and anything coffee. i wasnt much of a drinker in these days.
What did you smoke?: nothing. not one thing.
What did you take?: i took shit from everyone.
What did you want to be?: Something in the Graphic arts field or in video game development.
Who did you fight?: i was too mentally sharp(aka smartass) to fight (if you outwit them you dont have to deal with them). but i ALMOST fought with a whole bunch of people.
Who/What did you believe in?: i believed in the notion that life would begin after High School. (i was right)
Where did you go?: i went to Tennessee alot. its very pretty and very peaceful at times.
What did you learn?: i learned that when life gets boring, or tough or anything out of the ordinary...you have to take initiative and act to change that.