David O. MacGowan.

Who Are You?: David O. MacGowan.
Where Are You?: Bangor, North Wales, at the university for the second year running, studying English Lit.
What Are You?: Wannabee intellectual, confused, sometimes miserable, bit of a misanthrope; but i'm also somebody's long-term boyfriend. I'm Getting Better.
What do you make?: Letters, drawings, cards, short things for fanzines that don't stretch my withering attention span too much. Love.
What do you love?: Sleep, serenity. Childhood memories. Sex and chocolate. Good music. Silence, privacy, comfort.
What do you hate?: Mundanity, bullies, small mindedness, arrogance, gossips, evil, fighting, The Adult World.
What do you listen to?: People talking too loudly about themselves when I just don't wanna know. Beta Band, Smiths, Belle And Sebastian, Manics, Blur. Old soundtrack records (when i can). The radio, quietly. The kettle, whistling.
What do you watch?: Her face as she sleeps ( all I WANT to see). Time passing by. Interesting things. Not-interesting things. Doctor Who, Top Of The Pops, lots of t.v comedy and soaps.
What do you drink?: Sugary tea, Diet Pepsi, (very)occassionally beer or alco-pops, water.
What do you smoke?: I snaffle the odd cigarrette.
What do you take?: Stuff for my skin. The piss. Sometimes people for granted. Never advantage.
What do you believe in?: That humour and intelligence and niceness and WANTING more than what you're offerred by the idiots in charge will always be More, be Better than what the world at large convince themselves is really the normal way of things. We can beat them, just for one day.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: The corner of the playground or somewhere in the art room at lunchtime, St.Josephs high school, Horwich, Bolton.
What were you?: Lonely, questioning, lost, nervy and nervous, arty. A booklover.
What did you wear?: Long sleeve Carter USM t-shirt, ripped jeans, Doc Martins, grubby shirts, depressed look (INvoluntary i hasten to add). Long, scruffy moptop, red dye.
What did you listen to?: Nirvana. Nirvana. Carter USM. Nirvana.
What did you watch?: People much more popular than me blossoming into sexually active (and attractive) young adults. My step. Lots of t.v., lots of music shows.
What did you love?: Identifying with Kurt Cobain in every aspect. I vividly recall the feelings that gave me, made me much more happy about being the person I was.
What did you hate?: The noise, the news, the people around me. Not being left alone.
What did you drink?: Sugary tea, all kindsa coke, lemonade, orange, water.
What did you smoke?: Nothing, apart from passively inhaling some 'look at me, i'm dead hard' first cigarrettes.
What did you take?: My file to school - pictures selotaped on of Nirvana, Suede, Carter, Hole, Voodoo Dolls, Morrissey, Patrick McGoohan, Red Dwarf, New Order. It gave me strength (man).
What did you want to be?: A comic strip artist, a cool guitar player.
Who did you fight?: Verbally, my religious studies teacher. I was just starting to determine things about myself, and being told by some fat sexless bitch that masturbation and homosexuality are evil, and that fighting in war-time is right and good, did not strike me as being things I wanted a part of. Occassionally I tried to fight off bullies, no choice in the matter.
Who/What did you believe in?: Kurt Cobain. Individuality over conformity. Pacifism. Art.
Where did you go?: Practically nowhere. My bedroom was my world.
What did you learn?: Lots about religion, especially that it disgusted me (and vice versa). Lots about books and poetry - Seamus Heaney, Wilfred Owen, Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath, E.M. Foster. I also learned that the world was definitely becoming tougher, meaner, harder, bleaker (for some unfathomable reason....) and that there were an awful lot of people who were not like me. I turned to the dictionary and looked up 'misanthrope' and 'malcontent' and decided the former sounded better.