Who Are You?: David
Where Are You?: Sitting ina large stuffy building just south of the centre of Manchester
What Are You?: a person
What do you make?: whatever may come from my thoughts
What do you love?: things that make me happy
What do you hate?: evil
What do you listen to?: mogwai, godspeed you black emporer, super furry animals, flying saucer attack
What do you watch?: very little- perhaps sunset beach
What do you drink?: ideally vodka and coke but anything from beer to absthine will do
What do you smoke?: cigarettes- too many and occasionally mj
What do you take?: whatever is at hand depending on themood
What do you believe in?: people

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Living in a small suburd in Leicester
What were you?: upset and not understanding a thing
What did you wear?: whatever was about- black?
What did you listen to?: Nirvana,
What did you watch?: Simpsons
What did you love?: whatever made me happy
What did you hate?: I would have said everything
What did you drink?: beer
What did you smoke?: cigarettes
What did you take?: not much
What did you want to be?: Someone who do whatever the hell they wanted
Who did you fight?: no one for a fear of blood
Who/What did you believe in?: nothing
Where did you go?: Into the world
What did you learn?: Do whatever you want to do and don't regret it