Nic Dereza@THS

Where are you? in body at work. mentally somewhere between Heaven and Hell. waiting

What are you? unrepentant, mischievous, irritating, slightly unhinged. a wonder. performing arts slag. swinging.

What do you make? drama professionally and socially. bad dreams and good coffee.

What do you love? whispering, waking up, breakfast, lightness, smiles, stars and clouds. People who stutter, have a lisp are nervous or excited. Angels, dreamers and touching.

What do you hate? Hype, half hearted projects, class, insensitivity, people who judge, regret, "itís not possible" and salespeople.

What do you listen to? Good stories, soundtracks, children, my own voice when Iím becoming a bore, my own breathing in the bath, a different perspective.

What do you watch? lines on my head, my weight, peoplesí body language, neighbours undressing.

What do you drink? Jack Daniels to begin with, by the end too trashed to care. Peoplesí thoughts and emotions.

What do you smoke? Other peoplesí fags.

What do you take? one 1/2 sugars, anyone who wants it, pictures of people rather than landscapes.

What do you believe in? Open mindedness, the seasons, development, love is imperative, life is a story - make sure you have one.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? With the fairies daydreaming, wishing to be somewhere else.

    What were you?Skinny, very pretty, a bundle of nerves. Not of this world.

    What did you wear? Black, black, black and my hair.

    What did you listen to? People I shouldnít have, evening radio, myself, Echo and The Bunnymen.

    What did you watch? Pornography, myself in the mirror, what everyone else was doing.

    What did you love? Patterns drawn on my back, wanking, light evenings, my mothersí best friend.

    What did you hate? People who told me that I "would change" and that "everything will be all right".

    What did you drink? Lager, motherís chocolate liqueurs, whatever was in the drinks cabinet.

    What did you smoke? Other peoplesí fags.

    What did you take? Record sleeves, money, shiny objects, the best bits of other peoplesí personalities.

    What did you want to be? Misunderstood.

    Who did you fight? Narrow minded views. My sister. Gravity.

    Who/What did you believe in? Not much. Everything seemed so vast and no-one made any sense.

    Where did you go? Into hedges, trashed and spent the night in other peoplesí gardens.

    What did you learn? Girls are confusing, capricious, manipulative and human. that running away from home on your 16th birthday doesnít go down too well with the folks.

    April 1996