Who Are You?: d.k.
Where Are You?: You wouldn't believe! (Somewhere in the middle-east no less)
What Are You?: confused
What do you make?: people mad, fantastic pasta
What do you love?: pop music, my boyfriend, our 2 mooses (never mind), Joey Ramone, white Toblerone, sushi, Bounty, Good parties
What do you hate?: being alone in my room at 3:00 AM and having nothing better to do than this. raves.
What do you listen to?: Today - Baxendale.
What do you watch?: Buffy the vampire slayer
What do you drink?: Diet coke, experimental home-made cocktails with too much expensive duty-free alcohol. And if I'm in England: Ribena!!!
What do you smoke?: Winston lights
What do you take?: not much these days
What do you believe in?: Fun

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Either locked up in my room or walking around with my walkman on
What were you?: A pretentious indie-kid
What did you wear?: oversized hand-made T-shirts of The Cure/Bauhaus/Robyn Hitchcock/Sonic Youth
What did you listen to?: Sonic Youth, Pixies, The Fall, Einsturzende Neubauten, The Smiths, the Cure, Plastic Venus, Nosei HaMigbaat
What did you watch?: The other kids at school with utter loathing and disgust
What did you love?: Dr. martens (couldn't get any around here though)
What did you hate?: U2
What did you drink?: Don't remember. Probably diet-coke.
What did you smoke?: Parliament (long)
What did you take?: a lot of crap from my parents
What did you want to be?: Super-cool
Who did you fight?: all the kids at school, my parents
Who/What did you believe in?: Robert Smith
Where did you go?: To the "Penguin" club
What did you learn?: that chart music isn't so bad after all