Who Are You?: Don.
Where Are You?: Doesn't matter.
What Are You?: I'm only human.
What do you make?: Music sometimes. Prose.
What do you love?: Girls. Music. Light coming from my left whenever I'm writing.
What do you hate?: Girls (I suppose that was not entirely unexpected). The young end of my 'generation.'
What do you listen to?: Silver Jews, Pavement, Built To Spill, Pedro the Lion, Neutral Milk Hotel, the Apples in Stereo, Elf Power, Belle and Sebastian, Will Oldham, many more, but mostly them right now.
What do you watch?: Most people thinking they are better than everyone else around them.
What do you drink?: PBR.
What do you smoke?: I second-hand smoke everything everyone else is smoking.
What do you take?: I don't steal. At least I don't think I do.
What do you believe in?: I believe in a poem by Richard Brautigan called the Death of Time. "Someday Time will die, and Love will bury it." I really believe it.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: School mostly.
What were you?: A bit lost. Just starting to have an identity, A bit late, I guess.
What did you wear?: Regular stuff. Jeans. A shirt. A jacket if it was cold.
What did you listen to?: Red Hot Chili Peppers mostly.
What did you watch?: Most people thinking they were better than everyone else around them.
What did you love?: Girls.
What did you hate?: Almost everyone at school.
What did you drink?: Coffee, tea.
What did you smoke?: Same as now.
What did you take?: Too much shit.
What did you want to be?: I think I thought about becoming an engineer.
Who did you fight?: I've never been in a fight in my life.
Who/What did you believe in?: Not much, really.
Where did you go?: School. Home.
What did you learn?: In retrospect, that I don't mind everything that's lead up to now. That people need their adolescent years to do just that: learn.