dr baker

Who Are You?: dr baker
Where Are You?: rawdon, yorkshire
What Are You?: a good man
What do you make?: big noises in the toilet
What do you love?: laura
What do you hate?: the middle class
What do you listen to?: butterflies of love, red house painters, felt, mbv, beta band for comfort, gilles peterson
What do you watch?: football, 70's british sex comedies on c5
What do you drink?: tetley bitter
What do you smoke?: i don't... i prefer girls
What do you take?: tea at 4
What do you believe in?: love and duty

When We Were 16

Where were you?: down to earth
What were you?: sarky git
What did you wear?: grey shoes
What did you listen to?: smiths
What did you watch?: girls' breasts
What did you love?: history
What did you hate?: economics and most other things
What did you drink?: tetley bitter
What did you smoke?: camel
What did you take?: tea at 6
What did you want to be?: learned
Who did you fight?: robin greenwood punced me in the stomach once
Who/What did you believe in?: god and methodism
Where did you go?: horseracing
What did you learn?: how to wank