Dr John

Who Are You?: Dr John.
Where Are You?: halycon days
What Are You?: not nearly as romantic and bohemian as all these accountants
What do you make?: shoes, best poetry since rimbaud
What do you love?: nothing nearly as romantic and bohemian as all these accountants; polishing my shoes
What do you hate?: people who think they know me
What do you listen to?: One band per decade: Billie Holiday...Louis Armstrong...Charlie Mingus...Velvet Underground...Bowie...Joy Division...Smog.
What do you watch?: Weird science
What do you drink?: Milkshakes every thursday for hydration, beer, voddy.
What do you smoke?: Roll ups, cos normal fags make me hateful.
What do you take?: nothing nearly as subversive and underground as all these accountants.
What do you believe in?: Jesus, actually. Not Nausea.I don't care about all that shit.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: my heid
What were you?: sad.
What did you wear?: same.
What did you listen to?: Tindersticks, leonard cohen, Nick Drake...'do you want to know why we're not free, to be lovers?'... 'people that you've been before,that you don't want around anymore, they push and they shove and won't bend to your will...i'll keep them still...'..Nothing nearly as indie as my friend Greg.
What did you watch?: friends, a happy place to be, like calvin and hobbes. apart from when ross and rachel fight.
What did you love?: Laura, darling.
What did you hate?: someone...on a computer who called himself KKK. innocent existence, that was..
What did you drink?: coffee, red wine, what ever any one ud sell me.
What did you smoke?: Just stopped smoking draw.
What did you take?: Plants wot Thurlough told me.
What did you want to be?: Poeta.
Who did you fight?: Kevin Ma, Ma, Ma, Kevin Ma, Ma, Ma.
Who/What did you believe in?: Sartre, Blake, Chagall, Baudelaire, Jesus, Emily Dickinson. Ask a pretentious question...
Where did you go?: to, my lovely,
What did you learn?: French, Russian, Spanish, but i stopped going to chemistry, hah, fuck the system. Scissors.