Erica MacArthur

Who Are You?: Erica MacArthur
Where Are You?: Bengeo, Hertford, Hertfordshire
What Are You?: I'm just a girl
What do you make?: scenes
What do you love?: dark haired boys, the cinema, my room
What do you hate?: butchers, working
What do you listen to?: Baxendale and Spearmint, Radio 4
What do you watch?: the big breakfast
What do you drink?: Gin and Tonics
What do you smoke?: the odd malboro light
What do you take?: headache pills
What do you believe in?: pop music

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Still here
What were you?: naive
What did you wear?: the same skirts
What did you listen to?: Belle and Sebastian
What did you watch?: My So Called Life
What did you love?: male attention
What did you hate?: pretty girls
What did you drink?: Beer
What did you smoke?: nothing
What did you take?: nothing
What did you want to be?: loved
Who did you fight?: the system
Who/What did you believe in?: dressing the right way
Where did you go?: London, Primrose Hill, the Harlow Square, The Water Rats, the Scala, Camden and Covent Garden, Soho.
What did you learn?: That girls who play with fire and think they know it all often don't