Who Are You?: Estee (

Where Are You?: brooklyn, ny

What Are You?: co-conspirator

What do you make?: art, writings

What do you love?: my city, the movies, my friends, and travelling

What do you hate?: narrow-mindedness

What do you listen to?: vocals oriented music

What do you watch?: hal hartley videos

What do you drink?: coffee, tea, pineapple juice, fresca, gin&tonics, beers

What do you smoke?: occasional dunhill lights

What do you take?: see above

What do you believe in?: art

When We Were 16

Where were you?: new york city

What were you?: drama queenager

What did you wear?: my hair long

What did you listen to?: leonard cohen

What did you watch?: whatever my parents had on the set

What did you love?: my city, the movies, my friends, and wandering

What did you hate?: I was afraid more than hateful

What did you drink?: endless diet cokes

What did you smoke?: didn't

What did you take?: didn't

What did you want to be?: older, wiser (I still do!)

Who did you fight?: my family, too much

Who/What did you believe in?: The notion of extra-curricular existance

Where did you go?: to the park, to the bridge, to the movies

What did you learn?: how to get this far at least