Where are you? A suburb of New York USA.

What are you? A songwriter a musician & as human as I can manage to be

What do you make? songs jokes friendships whenever possible

What do you love? anything that makes me laugh, a great pop song, the beach.

What do you hate? tension. tension headaches. anyone who gives me tension head aches.

What do you listen to? Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, The Beatles, the Jam.

What do you watch? Less TV than I used to although I watch The Eastenders quite regularly. My cat Piper getting into a fight with a shoelace.

What do you drink?bottled water & who knows what's coming from the tap. The occasional glass of wine.

What do you smoke? I don't. Unless you count the second hand smoke cloud at the home of my chain smoking friend.

What do you take? Just so much and then even I have had enough.

What do you believe in? The unifying spirit of the universe which makes everything keep running along.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? Long Island New York US, in my room writing poems and songs.

    What were you? Melancholy yet hopeful .

    What did you wear? jeans or skirts and sweaters or tee shirts.

    What did you listen to? Elvis costello my friends and my conscience.

    What did you watch? TV sitcoms and dramas where everthing got fixed by the end of the show.

    What did you love? anything that could make me laugh, a great pop song.

    What did you hate? Cheerleaders pep rallys & people who tried to get you to attend pep rallys.

    What did you drink? grape juice, the occasional beer.

    What did you smoke? Didn't. Unless you count the second hand high recieved at various concerts.

    What did you take? more than I should have.

    What did you want to be? an actress.

    Who did you fight? noone except in my dreams.

    Who/What did you believe in? God actually.

    Where did you go? To school & to parties.

    What did you learn?How to get through school and through parties.

    November 1996.