Who Are You?: I'm an ex-student bedroom dreamer who doesn't deserve anything whatsoever but strangely believes that the world does owe me a living. And one of those new Volkswaen Beetles.
Where Are You?: In a rather small bedroom overlooking the top of a rather small seaside town. It's quite romantic. For two weeks in July.
What Are You?: I'm still not quite right at all. I strangely thought the problems would dissapear on my eighteenth birthday.
What do you make?: Compilation tapes for people who don't really want them.
What do you love?: Arrogance with Love and Care.
What do you hate?: Mirrors, Speaker Cable.
What do you listen to?: Compilation tapes from people I don't like.
What do you watch?: Vidz, 3am Repeats of Trisha.
What do you drink?: Pineapple and Orange Robinsons.
What do you smoke?: Haddock, when my Grandad comes to stay with me.
What do you take?: Tesco One a day Multivitamins.
What do you believe in?: The idea that something is going to happen while I sit here and listen to my Uncle's Leonard Cohen Records.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Secondary School, surviving.
What were you?: Happy, stand offish confused boy with shoulder length blonde hair and four friends.
What did you wear?: Ridiculous purple corduroy trousers.
What did you listen to?: James, Carter USM, Flowered Up, Morrissey, The Cure.
What did you watch?: The Word, Simon and the Witch repeats. The Goonies.
What did you love?: Knowing I was not who I wanted to be.
What did you hate?: Watching my Dad tell my mum that he had had an affair, and the fight that followed.
What did you drink?: Orange Squash
What did you smoke?: my Ideology
What did you take?: A Passive stance
What did you want to be?: Glamorous, sexy, alone.
Who/What did you believe in?: The Sea
Where did you go?: Long walks on my own up the coast
What did you learn?: That no matter how long time passes, you never really reach a complete sense of knowing whats going on, and no amount of therapy is going to change that, whatever your Dad who was 'been through it all' says.