Who Are You?: FLAtRich, wWw.fLAtDiSk.NeT, flatrich@flatdisk.net
Where Are You?: Hollywood (but after the first ten years its not what it seems like in old B&W movies)
What Are You?: Strange aging guy..
What do you make?: art things, music, fun of life
What do you love?: stimulation
What do you hate?: apathy
What do you listen to?: everything, but jazz (straight ahead) is best. rock seems to be floundering (always). classical is. silence is almost impossible here, but that's nice too.
What do you watch?: people. tv. movies. reflections. rain (rare here too).
What do you drink?: coffee. diet coke. bottled water. Guinness sometimes.
What do you smoke?: 6 Pall Malls a day (down fom thousands). once a year I go to Oregon and smoke as much marijuana as I can (down from habituate). I'm a controlled abuser nowadays.
What do you take?: it easy.
What do you believe in?: truth. justice. the American way.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in New Jersey.
What were you?: middle class high school student teenage musician and sometime poet. a reader. a fool sometimes as well.
What did you wear?: blue jeans.
What did you listen to?: everything. Phil Spector stuff. (Beatles/Stones were a year away.) Little Richard. Ray Charles. Bo Diddley. Dylan. Mingus. Monk (everything)..
What did you watch?: people. girls. tv. movies.
What did you love?: sex. science fiction. music. the stars.
What did you hate?: racism. lies.
What did you drink?: everything. anything. (Vodka and Wink - shudder to think.)
What did you smoke?: Marlboros - a pack a day. (Pot was a couple years away.)
What did you take?: life for granted. women (girls) for granted. the bus to NYC as often as possible.
What did you want to be?: writer. musician. dead at 19.
Who did you fight?: anyone who insisted, as little as possible I suppose.
Who/What did you believe in?: Theodore Sturgeon. Ray Bradbury. Thelonius Monk. the possiblilty of getting off-planet in my lifetime should I exceed the 19 years mentioned above.
Where did you go?: everywhere I had time to go. I'm still travelling.
What did you learn?: to doubt not to doubt. to believe not to believe. to be who you are eventually. (sounds trendy, but what doesn't)..