Who Are You?: franka
Where Are You?: new york
What Are You?: an artist
What do you make?: supergraphics and books
What do you love?: infinite possibility
What do you hate?: dullards
What do you listen to?: room tone indie rock hip hop old jazz
What do you watch?: home movies
What do you drink?: fresh juices
What do you smoke?: mj
What do you take?: the a train
What do you believe in?: concision

When We Were 16

Where were you?: cambridge
What were you?: angry
What did you wear?: whatever no-one else was wearing, which admittedly wasn't very hard in my environment
What did you listen to?: indie rock hip hop oldies
What did you watch?: the tube
What did you love?: anything who wouldn't love me back
What did you hate?: everything, mostly myself
What did you drink?: whatever was on hand
What did you smoke?: hash
What did you take?: myself, very seriously
What did you want to be?: better than everyone else
Who did you fight?: everyone, all the time, myself most of all
Who/What did you believe in?: i'll show those bastards!
Where did you go?: america
What did you learn?: to take a fucking chill pill and mellow out