Who Are You?: The centre of my universe. My name's Greg.
Where Are You?: London. My room. Swiss Cottage area, which is neither urban nor suburban, just... twee.
What Are You?: Someone who likes to describe themselves as "urban bohemian", even though they suspect it's just vanity, but it makes them happy not to examine this, just like so many other things.
What do you make?: Stories. Fashions. Roughly average amounts of sense.
What do you love?: Good Pop (music, movies, everything). Art, when it's art (music, movies, everything). Myself. A girl who I'll never see again. The fact I'll never see her again.
What do you hate?: Failed Pop (music, movies, everything). Failed Art (music, movies, everything). The fact I'll never see her again. Anna Stothard's column in the Observer, if you've ever read it you'll understand...
What do you listen to?: Pop (Daphne & Celeste, Baxendale, Belle & Sebastian, Ronnettes). Art (Mogwai, Godspeed YBE!, Spiritualized)
What do you watch?: Pop.
What do you drink?: Anything that doesn't taste of alcohol (alcoholic content prefered).
What do you smoke?: Anything non-addictive I can scrounge off my mates.
What do you take?: No care.
What do you believe in?: Oh, lots. That you are not your fucking hormones, and you CAN control your emotions when you want to. That the world vanishes when I close my eyes. That things are basically pretty nifty, actually. That doors will always open if you're vain enough to expect them to. Baxendale.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: A single sex school. Thank fuck that's over.
What were you?: A year younger. Weird. Probably smelly, with hindsight. Better at Maths, I'm sure.
What did you wear?: School uniform, band T-Shirts.
What did you listen to?: Stuff that's alternative of alternative, but not alternative of alternative of alternative. Mogwai, Belle & Sebby, Grandaddy, Clinic.
What did you watch?: Edward Scissorhands and Sunset Beach.
What did you love?: Nothing. I was happy, though...
What did you hate?: People who everyone was mean to and reacted by withdrawing into themselves and becoming poisonous assholes consumed with bitterness. Chiefly James Furlong. Not much else, I think.
What did you drink?: Orange Juice. Hooch occasionally.
What did you smoke?: Nothing.
What did you take?: GCSEs.
What did you want to be?: Famous in ten years, dead in ten, sexually successful in, like, one at the max.
Who did you fight?: Christof. It's a long, true, and slightly scary story. Let's just say Christof wasn't exactly corporeal.
Who/What did you believe in?: That everything would be alright. I was right, an' all.
Where did you go?: Staffordshire, Italy, and France. Trash club.
What did you learn?: That my dream girl is as unlike my mother as possible, that there really isn't a decent meaning of life to go by, and if I try and make one it screws up my head, that girls prefer handsome to cute, that there are such a thing as genuinely stupid people.