Greg or Mac

Who Are You?: Greg or Mac, depending on my latitude
Where Are You?: In the wilderness
What Are You?: A moonbather
What do you make?: Pictures, out of words, and songs, out of pictures
What do you love?: Clem, friendship, trust, energy, freedom and wonder. Photo albums, bruce springsteen and soft cell records, drinking, eyeliner. Myself, too much.
What do you hate?: The Daily Mail, false pop messiahs like Mansun and Nicky Wire, meat, fat, lack of energy
What do you listen to?: Songs about the real world sung by people who care. Kingmaker, The Stones, Moz, Joni Mitchell, Soft Cell.
What do you watch?: My weight. The way I treat my friends.
What do you drink?: What've you got?
What do you smoke?: Other people's toxins.
What do you take?: I take whatever I can get, baby
What do you believe in?: The breeze. Death. Love.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In my room
What were you?: Lost, paranoid, hateful, confused.
What did you wear?: My own Heroic Misery, all over my face. Irridescant shirts, pin stripes, eyeliner. The odd Manics top
What did you listen to?: Early Morrissey, the Smiths' second LP, mid-period Morrissey, The Holy Bible, late Morrissey, anything by the Smiths, Morrissey rarities
What did you watch?: My weight. The way my friends treated me.
What did you love?: Early Morrissey, mid-period Morrissey blah blah, dreaming of revenge, writing songs, all those girls who passed me by
What did you hate?: School cliques, myself, human beings
What did you drink?: When we could, vodka, baileys, malibu, White Lightening, then beer, whiskey, whatever
What did you smoke?: Marlboro lights, but only when Jenny was around
What did you take?: Three CDs, officer. I'm sorry. I won't do it again, I promise.
What did you want to be?: The Wrath of God, tearing all those cliquey fuckers in school's oily hearts out. Richey Manic crossed with Morrissey.
Who did you fight?: Terminal preppy fuckers, squares, closet fascists, teachers, parents, friends
Who/What did you believe in?: Pop stardom as revenge. A day of reckoning. Holden Caulfield.
Where did you go?: I'm still here, a little scarred but no more sad or nostalgic than ever. I'm not planning on leaving for a while so you cunts better look out.
What did you learn?: How to be fake, how to be charming, how to perform cunnilungus without suffocating, how to play minor sevenths, where to get PVC pants. To stay on fire.