Who Are You?: Ha! Wouldn't I like to know...
Where Are You?: *suburbanite* HELL that is Surrey. On a swivel chair.
What Are You?: Asleep...most of the time. Occasionally a student of psychology. Short, shy, tired, drunk, observant.
What do you make?: ...my mother ashamed...knots in my hair...sad songs better...
What do you love?: My family(most of it), and my beautiful friends above ALL else. I love my music and my art and the good things I am inspired to do. I love my cat to death, and if anyone touched him I'd be forced to hurt them severely. Manics, Radiohead, and all my books.
What do you hate?: CRUMBS IN POCKETS. Oh good Lord. The fact that I have no self-control. Senseless violence, intolerance, bigotry, blind nationalism. Charlatans, Bluetones, Space, Cast...and any other uninspired, ugly, waste of a band. My family and friends(sometimes). Onions.
What do you listen to?: Manics, Radiohead, Buckley, Hole, Mogwai, Carpenters, Suede, B&S, Rage, NIN, ...Oh, the list ...c'est endless...
What do you watch?: Spiders crawling up my bedroom walls. Other peaple. An Angel at my Table, Land and Freedom, One Flew..., Shine...
What do you drink?: Cordial mostly. Also Lilt and vodka.
What do you smoke?: Moi?...my mother might be reading this...
What do you take?: Advantage...but only if you let me.
What do you believe in?: Goodness, love, purity of thoughts and actions. I still believe in hope, although at times I struggle...

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Year 11 at school. MOST probably having crappy time...
What were you?: Lonely. Busy reading and avoiding eye contact at all costs.
What did you wear?: Regulation school uniform mostly. unconspicuous clothes at all other times.
What did you listen to?: ...the voices in my head...(?)
What did you watch?: my grades, my weight, my cat chasing his tail, my clock.
What did you love?: (see same question as above...minus a few whom i hadn't met yet)
What did you hate?: double science on a tuesday, the fact that I had nothing in common with most of my friends.
What did you drink?: Water.
What did you smoke?: Nuffink.
What did you take?: Bus home. A lot of shit from arseholes at my old school.
What did you want to be?: "shopper"...ballerina...writer...costume designer...architect...forensic psychologist...alive tomorrow morning.
Who did you fight?: The power, man!
Who/What did you believe in?: Family, friends. Myself. I always knew I could do things that others couldn't.
Where did you go?: Home. Spain. Bathroom occasionally
What did you learn?: NEVER wear white socks with black shoes. NEVER take any abuse from anyone wearing said fashion mistake, or the following: Reebok Classics, Ralph Lauren shirts, Tommy Hillfigger, fur...... Do not uphold your (same old) opinions at the expense of all others...