Who Are You?: Hennes_uk@yahoo.co.uk
Where Are You?: Lost in emotional hell
What Are You?: A human apparently but with the nagging feeling that I'm not quite of the same species as others
What do you make?: Art that I'm not entirely confident with quite yet
What do you love?: Very little at the moment except my dog
What do you hate?: My nearly ex long term partner and the new woman in his life
What do you listen to?: Thin White Rope, Only Ones, Violent Femmes, Bert Jansch, Nirvana, Stereolab, Francois Hardy, Leonard Cohen, Alchemysts
What do you watch?: People
What do you drink?: Anything that's liquid
What do you smoke?: Far too many Silk Cut
What do you take?: Too much shit and anadin extra
What do you believe in?: Things can't get any worse

When We Were 16

Where were you?: At college doing A levels
What were you?: A punk fan, an obedient daughter, very shy, too keen to grow up
What did you wear?: I dread to think
What did you listen to?: Only Ones, Undertones, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Janis Joplin, Sex Pistols
What did you watch?: People
What did you love?: Music, my boyfriend
What did you hate?: Mediocrity, the class system
What did you drink?: Probably something disgusting like Port and lemon or Gin and orange
What did you smoke?: John Player Blue
What did you take?: The pill
What did you want to be?: Happy
Who did you fight?: Nobody - I was far too scared
Who/What did you believe in?: That life was good
Where did you go?: To the pub, to gigs
What did you learn?: That things didn't always come handed to you on a plate