Who Are You?: her
Where Are You?: philadelphia
What Are You?: posthumyn internationale
What do you make?: video art
What do you love?: the sky
What do you hate?: swimming pools
What do you listen to?: soul, psych, jazz
What do you watch?: public television
What do you drink?: soda
What do you smoke?: ciagettes and tea
What do you take?: i take a taker
What do you believe in?: you

When We Were 16

Where were you?: there
What were you?: street urchin
What did you wear?: not much
What did you listen to?: the blackhearts, clash, ramones, t rex
What did you watch?: the monkees
What did you love?: you
What did you hate?: me
What did you drink?: cheap beer
What did you smoke?: anything
What did you take?: everything
What did you want to be?: revolt
Who did you fight?: the man
Who/What did you believe in?: communists
Where did you go?: home
What did you learn?: walk don't run