Steve Hewitt

Who Are You?: Steve Hewitt
Where Are You?: At work, Cheltenham, England
What Are You?: Bored, yet strangely excited because (a) I'm playing a gig tonight, (b) I'm getting married in just over a week and (c) it's Bowlie weekend!!
What do you make?: a racket, a mess, Bouncy balls out of elastic bands, a damn fine jumbalaya
What do you love?: Meg, my band, my mates, music in general, dancing
What do you hate?: Three day hangovers, that little panicky feeling in the bottom of my stomach, the fact that no one ever signs my guestbook
What do you listen to?: Too much belle and sebastian, a dangerous amount of Metal/Rap/Skate-punk (courtesy of my local 'alternative' night)
What do you watch?: Too much tv, simpsons, deep space 9, Graham Norton, King of the Hill, Grand Prix. All the girls go by
What do you drink?: John Smiths, Tetley (bitter), Newcastle Brown Ale, Coffee, Orange Juice, Pepsi Max
What do you smoke?: At the mo, v strong Malaysian Duty Free Marlboro Reds (with 'Malaysian duty not paid' stamped on each one)
What do you take?: the piss, I'm afraid
What do you believe in?: all of the above

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Sedgefield, County Durham, home of tony blair
What were you?: a very sad spotty metaller (with bad hair)(and I was fat)(and I had a bad self-image)
What did you wear?: the same denim jacket with lots of dubious badges for 'right-on' causes, high top trainers, blue jeans
What did you listen to?: Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Stone Roses, Nicky Brown on BBC Radio Newcastle, James Stannage (local 'shock jock'), Queen, De la Soul, Wonderstuff, the usual
What did you watch?: Big night out, red dwarf, monty python, hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, the Lost boys, Rocky horror, St elmos fire etc etc
What did you love?: music, not a lot else
What did you hate?: my dad having leukemia
What did you drink?: 5 days before my 16 B'day I drank 3 bottles of Brown Ale without moving from a table and then felt really really drunk, my mate (who had done the same) the vomitted violently (but i didn't)
What did you smoke?: nothing
What did you take?: even less
What did you want to be?: a lawyer (aaaarrrrggghh!!), then I changed my mind, and decided to do drama instead.
Who did you fight?: All the hard lads who picked on me
Who/What did you believe in?: don't know
Where did you go?: ran away to college in Cheltenham, two years later
What did you learn?: not to stay at school sixth forms if you want a decent education.