a human

Who Are You?: a human. not much less, nor much more.
Where Are You?: canada.
What Are You?: a teenager with raging hormones and self-control.
What do you make?: i make temporary inanimate and animate objects. (paintings, songs, pictures, thoughts, feelings)
What do you love?: i love elastics and socks and cats and lilacs and people when the're being who they are.
What do you hate?: i hate tattoos and dogs and lined paper and people who arent where they belong.
What do you listen to?: music, mainly. and people talking. currently velvet underground, pale blue eyes.
What do you watch?: i watch the sky.
What do you drink?: coca-cola, water.
What do you smoke?: the only thing i do that creates smoke is burning aluminum foil in art class to make it liquify.
What do you take?: i take pictures...
What do you believe in?: i believe in God. and that people should understand that there's more to themselves than what they first percieve from their surroundings.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: when i was 16, i was in canada.
What were you?: i was an geek.
What did you wear?: pants & shirts. sometimes sweaters, too.
What did you listen to?: mainly-- ben lee, james, rymes with orange, red autumn fall, court recorder.
What did you watch?: the people that surrounded me.
What did you love?: a boy named rob. finding things.
What did you hate?: a boy named rob. losing things.
What did you drink?: water, grapefruit juice, coffee
What did you smoke?: i smoked hash once. it disgusted me.
What did you take?: i took advice towards the end of 16.
What did you want to be?: i wanted to be alive.
Who did you fight?: i fought myself
Who/What did you believe in?: God and rob.
Where did you go?: i went to saskatchewan. and recordland. and devonian gardens.
What did you learn?: how to learn who i was and be comfortable with it.