im nickole

Who Are You?: im nickole
Where Are You?: i am sitting at the mccormick educational technology center of rush univeristy's service point at work.
What Are You?: a girl, homo sapien spaien, 20 years old.
What do you make?: i make people smile, pictures of things i think are pretty, webpages about the tower bridge and sometimes things to wear.
What do you love?: i love dan somen, boys who wear glasses and smell like laundry detergent. people who know who wenrer heisenberg is and know the quadratic equation by heart. i love england and the tower bridge, and anything neon pink. i love my best friend and my mum and my brother and my puppy.
What do you hate?: i hate feeling lonely. and i hate people who are rude and thoughtless for no reason.
What do you listen to?: i listen to all sorts of music like belle and sebastian or the spice girls or blur or james or underworld or lamb or gus gus or the beta band or the pet shop boys or donna summer or abba.
What do you watch?: i watch television, and cartoons. i watch people go by. i watch my professors lecture. and try to pay attention to what they say.
What do you drink?: koolaid, sunny delight, milk (with cookies), cherry pepsi/coke/etc. hot tea with honey and milk.
What do you smoke?: nothing. smoking stinks! kick the habit!
What do you take?: i take lipgloss with me where ever i go.
What do you believe in?: i believe in myself, i believe good karma.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: i was in schuamburg, illinois, in high school.
What were you?: i was a girl, maybe a little more naive and stupid.
What did you wear?: i wore jeans and t-shirts, and an ugly old army jacket.
What did you listen to?: i listened to blur and the pet shops boys and depeche mode and the chemical brothers and james.
What did you watch?: i watched tv, mostly mtv, and the discovery channel.
What did you love?: i loved my puppy and my car and my best friend.
What did you hate?: i hate working while going to high school and never getting any sleep and having to run the mile in gym class.
What did you drink?: sunny d, koolaid, cherry pepsi/coke. not much has changed.
What did you smoke?: nothing. smoking stinks!
What did you take?: i took lipgloss with me wherever i went.
What did you want to be?: i wanted to move to london.
Who did you fight?: i fought my step dad.
Who/What did you believe in?: i believed in myself.
Where did you go?: i went to london. and to university.
What did you learn?: i learned that england is even better than ive always thought. ive learned a lot more as well, like random stuff about electron configurations and quantum mechanics...or the Fayum Primates.