Who Are You?: isabel
Where Are You?: chateau marmont, a hotel in los angeles
What Are You?: writer/journaliste
What do you make?: language
What do you love?: poetry in any form
What do you hate?: suffering
What do you listen to?: pavement, hefner, belle & sebastian, velvet underground, beastie boys, air, rap, jazz, flamenco, opera... but mostly pavement
What do you watch?: an endless stream of cars flowing down curvy sunset boulevard; it could be a river. also, the celebrities everywhere, but you have to be able to pretend not to look.
What do you drink?: vodka martinis - they infuse the vodka with green apples and it's really quite extraordinary. i'm really very drunk now, come to think of it.
What do you smoke?: lovely humboldt weed - delicious and very hard to find in spain.
What do you take?: two suitcases
What do you believe in?: the godlessness of our universe

When We Were 16

Where were you?: madrid
What were you?: student, clubby kid
What did you wear?: school uniforms, otherwise anything trendy
What did you listen to?: lots of dj/house while out; at home 70s bowie, grace jones, the smiths, velvet underground, the the, joy division, mecano, derribos arias, camarón, the clean, sonic youth, tribe called quest, j, p.e., rem, the fall... my taste hasn't changed much at all, how strange...
What did you watch?: lots of movies. the television is just awful in spain, even now we still don't have much on cable.
What did you love?: the future
What did you hate?: the past
What did you drink?: champagne and tequila sunrises (silly, i know, but i was 16)
What did you smoke?: lebanese red, or imported swiss cigarettes
What did you take?: everything - you name it, i tried it.
What did you want to be?: sophisticated. independent.
Who did you fight?: my parents
Who/What did you believe in?: myself
Where did you go?: around the world and back again.
What did you learn?: the heart is a lonely hunter