Jago Gray

Who Are You?: Jago Gray,or, equally likely, Raphael Brown.
Where Are You?: computer
What Are You?: Grace (poetry mainly) publishings proprietor, editor etc ( jago gray,Bramstons, St.Michael's road,Winchester)
What do you make?: lo-fi cut and paste photocopied editions of thirty ish, mainly due to the second response to above which is, nothing at all
What do you love?: london
What do you hate?: this fucking century
What do you listen to?: Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley
What do you watch?: it
What do you drink?: only things i choose
What do you smoke?: Luckies.
What do you take?: other people for granted. or did. til they left.
What do you believe in?: the fact that i'll be remembered
Where were you?: London

When We Were 16

What were you?: 16
What did you wear?: same as now,pretty much
What did you listen to?: Placebo, Joy Division, Nirvana, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Mogwai, Velvet Underground, Belle and Sebastian.
What did you watch?:
What did you love?: Marianne Moore
What did you hate?: Modern poetry
What did you drink?: Everything I could afford to
What did you smoke?: Something that killed my ambition, because then i didn't realise that it did
What did you take?: aceeeeedd
What did you want to be?: What I am now, only more so.
Who did you fight?: My conscious (good upbringing)
Who/What did you believe in?: Ginsberg
Where did you go?: To see my brother in Winchester
What did you learn?: only things no teacher could've taught me. yeah.