Who Are You?: Jago..write to me if you want to help me work, esp in spanish or frenc. jrjg31@linux.wincoll.ac.uk
Where Are You?: Winchester
What Are You?: cerrado
What do you make?: new paths to helicon
What do you love?: The fact that i went away when it was winter and now I'm back all the trees are in leaf.
What do you hate?: the fact that im here all the same
What do you listen to?: Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Belle And Sebastian,Elliott Smith, Godspeed You Black emperor!, Nina Simone,Slipknot.
What do you watch?: the leaves now they're back
What do you drink?: nothing now because i have to work until the summer
What do you smoke?: noth-ing...
What do you take?: it in
What do you believe in?: nothing because i have killed my character to help me work and revise, but i hope that it'll grow back in the real summer. ask me then.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: similar.
What were you?: 16
What did you wear?: same shirt, same trousers. New pants and shoes.
What did you listen to?:
What did you watch?: I learn Russian, but not for much longer, but if you want to, write to me in russian
What did you love?:
What did you hate?: gosh im clever.
What did you drink?:
What did you smoke?:
What did you take?:
What did you want to be?: Better than my dad
Who did you fight?: Nirvana fan at the front of And You will know us by the trail of the dead at the garage highbury.
Who/What did you believe in?: Calvin and hobbes
Where did you go?: to school...........
What did you learn?: more than i need to.