Jen Adam

Who Are You?: Jen Adam
Where Are You?: At work in New York.
What Are You?: A musician, a girl.
What do you make?: Paint-by-numbers horses on a sunset beach, pop songs.
What do you love?: Gravlax, Go-Betweens, leaving New York, lavender.
What do you hate?: The smell of New York, bitches, hoochies, Kool Man ice-cream trucks that play Pop Goes the Weasel at 4AM.
What do you listen to?: Chills, Byrds, Wire, Elliot Smith, Aphex Twin, AIR, Nick Drake, Cat Power.
What do you watch?: Simpsons, Mad TV, crap.
What do you drink?: Currant & 7Up, Grolsch, Bailey's Currant & 7 Up, Bailey's, Grolsch, Sam Adams
What do you smoke?: American Spirits yellow pack
What do you take?: whatever's there, usually
What do you believe in?: love

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Scarsdale, New York in high school.
What were you?: rebellious student
What did you wear?: combat boots, jeans, band shirt
What did you listen to?: Smiths, Bikini Kill, Lush, Ride, so on
What did you watch?: Don't remember
What did you love?: Pot, parties, guitars, this idiot Martin
What did you hate?: the tan rich lame popular chicks
What did you drink?: BEER
What did you smoke?: POT, anything
What did you take?: shrooms, acid
What did you want to be?: rock star
Who did you fight?: brother, mother, step-dad, boyfriends
Who/What did you believe in?: Alan Watts, Morrissey, hallucinogens, rock, British pop
Where did you go?: to big parties with kegs, parks, diners
What did you learn?: zip