Who Are You?: David Jennings
Where Are You?: Sheffield, England, but maybe not for much longer.
What Are You?: Tall and too thin.
What do you make?: Less than I used to. Online stuff that was intended to redistribute the world's empathy, but it hasn't worked, yet.
What do you love?: The view over Lyme Bay in Dorset. Reading books. Talking about art and whether it's worth talking about. Freedom and the uncertainty that comes with it.
What do you hate?: Where I am now. Someone down the corridor from where I am now. Conspicuous and vulgar consumption. e-fucking-everything.
What do you listen to?: Traffic (no, not the Steve Winwood band). Stephin Merritt. Sonic Youth. James. Brian Eno. It changes, like my sleep patterns.
What do you watch?: Just the films that come to the cinema downstairs.
What do you drink?: Water. Grapefruit juice. Fruit tea. 'Real' Ale & Cider. Guinness. Vodka.
What do you smoke?: Marlboro Lights. My friends' dope, occasionally.
What do you take?: The vitamin pills that the nutritionist I saw 20 months ago recommended (can never remember their names).
What do you believe in?: Some kind of suprahuman, supra-everything entity that has a reason for all this. Energy is eternal delight.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: At a public (i.e. private) school in Kent, England.
What were you?: Very, very unhappy.
What did you wear?: Hey, it was the eighties, OK. School uniform, attempting to project disaffection through anonymity.
What did you listen to?: Jon Anderson on headphones.
What did you watch?: The curtain in my cubicle.
What did you love?: Being alone, dreaming of a different place.
What did you hate?: Everything the school stood for, especially its version of masculinity.
What did you drink?: Instant coffee with milk.
What did you smoke?: Enough to get letters to my parents threatening rustication (now, there's a word you don't hear every day).
What did you take?: Heart? You must be joking.
What did you want to be?: A bass player - ha!
Who did you fight?: I'd given up fighting by that time. Had some skirmishes with a few teachers, which they thought was a big deal but it wasn't.
Who/What did you believe in?: The power of love to heal all divisions and reveal our true oneness (see What did you listen to, above).
Where did you go?: To record shops. On our last family holiday in Crete.
What did you learn?: Really, a lot. For example: subatomic physics, William Blake, and don't ever, ever put your own children through this.