Jeremy Simon

Who Are You?: Jeremy Simon
Where Are You?: Hammersmith, London
What Are You?: Nothing in particular
What do you make?: There is nothing on earth that doesn't already exist. I recycle the past in various ways.
What do you love?: Some girls; the redeeming power of rock and roll.
What do you hate?: Fakers. The "music" "business".
What do you listen to?: Clinic; Shostakovich
What do you watch?: I don't have a TV, so mostly the walls. Also my neigbours out of the window.
What do you drink?: Coffee, black, no sugar. Gin martinis.
What do you smoke?: I don't smoke
What do you take?: Ventolin
What do you believe in?: The redeeming power of rock and roll

When We Were 16

Where were you?: At school, probably
What were you?: Frail
What did you wear?: I dread to think. School clothes?
What did you listen to?: The Velvets; Mahler
What did you watch?: The clock. Really. More than anything else.
What did you love?: Loveless
What did you hate?: Radio 1 DJs; anything that didn't amuse me. Having the living crap beaten out of me on and off the playing fields of an English public school. That didn't amuse me.
What did you drink?: coffee (milk, 2 sugars)
What did you smoke?: nothing
What did you take?: ventolin
What did you want to be?: Anything else
Who did you fight?: I stopped fighting after I stopped winning
Who/What did you believe in?: God; the redeeming power of love
Where did you go?: Nowhere without permission
What did you learn?: That life makes perfect sense backwards