Who Are You?: Josh
Where Are You?: New Hampshire
What Are You?: A fifth year senior, making a career of educating myself
What do you make?: Barely enough to eat plain pasta every night and drink coffee in the morning
What do you love?: I love to rock and ice climb, and to listen to music. I like to sit at my window and play my bass with my amp really loud; I like to have coffee with my girlfriend at six in the morning, and I like to read until late in the evening.
What do you hate?: I hate professor's that don't like to teach, and I hate writing papers that have nothing to do with anything that I'm interested in.
What do you listen to?: I listen to lots of hard bop, hip hop, jazz hop, and anything accoustic; I listen to my intuition a lot.
What do you watch?: I watch the occasional movie, and was glued to the world series; I have not had a t.v. in over a year.
What do you drink?: Water, coffee, tea, and coors light.
What do you smoke?: I've never smoked cigarettes.
What do you take?: knowledge from the masses
What do you believe in?: education, love, and whatever my mother thinks.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: skipping class, ski racing, and chasing girls: I used to hid out in the study carrolls in the library if I was too high to handle school.
What were you?: An egotistical guy that did lots of drugs, sports, and music.
What did you wear?: Jeans and a t-shirt: not much has changed.
What did you listen to?: Phish, the Doors, and the Grateful Dead
What did you watch?: ER, Letterman, and cops
What did you love?: A blonde that broke my heart, my dog who is now dead, and my family of course.
What did you hate?: Parties getting busted, NARCs, and cheerleaders.
What did you drink?: Smirnoff, water, and coffee: I usually spilt the coffee all over myself during the car ride to school every day.
What did you smoke?: Dope
What did you take?: Acid
What did you want to be?: A ski bum
Who did you fight?: I once got in a fight with a kid while trying to difuse a fight that was about to happen; I still think that skate boarders suck.
Who/What did you believe in?: I was never really sure back then.
Where did you go?: Europe
What did you learn?: That I needed to smarten up.