Who Are You?: karin
Where Are You?: in the basement, stockholm
What Are You?: cold and tired
What do you make?: words and sentences
What do you love?: confidence, silence
What do you hate?: things that are unfair...
What do you listen to?: the Softies, Lolita Storm, the dB's, Doris Svensson, Sagor & Swing, Namelosers, Sigur Ros
What do you watch?: people
What do you drink?: tea, beer, trocadero, tequila
What do you smoke?: nothing
What do you take?: chocolate from my mum
What do you believe in?: my friends

When We Were 16

What did you listen to?: crap-music
What did you watch?: soap-operas
What did you love?: my cat, some stupid guy in school
What did you hate?: my teacher
What did you drink?: sodapop, orange juice
What did you smoke?: uhuh?
What did you take?: pianolessons
What did you want to be?: famous
Who did you fight?: my self-esteem
Who/What did you believe in?: revenge
Where did you go?: to the stable
What did you learn?: nothing important