Who Are You?: Karl
Where Are You?: I'm not sure.
What Are You?: Anxious for something big to happen.
What do you make?: Confusing statements.
What do you love?: The idea that somewhere, at this moment, two people are falling in love.
What do you hate?: That it's not me falling in love.
What do you listen to?: Lambchop, U2, Craig David, Pearl Jam, D'Angelo What do you watch?: Stars.
What do you drink?: Lots of alcohol.
What do you smoke?: Other people's dreams.
What do you take?: Nothing.
What do you believe in?: Love.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In school, being confused about everything and everyone.
What were you?: Stupid. I didn't realize how much the things I did then would affect me now.
What did you wear?: T-shirts.
What did you listen to?: Metallica, Dio and Judas Priest
What did you watch?: Beverly Hills 90210
What did you love?: Nothing, probably.
What did you hate?: Nothing, probably.
What did you drink?: Nothing.
What did you smoke?: Nothing.
What did you take?: Shit.
What did you want to be?: A rock star.
Who did you fight?: Noone, but I regret it.
Who/What did you believe in?: Nothing and noone. Who was there to believe, really?
Where did you go?: To school and back.
What did you learn?: To shut up.