Who Are You?: kate
Where Are You?: at work at a wobbly desk in a concrete box with a nice view of the river Wear. UK
What Are You?: a 31 year old anglo american in search of passports new
What do you make?: great fish pie. Bad attempts at prose. Nasty noises with a clarinet.
What do you love?: Current passion? The more melodic corners of australian indie pop (which is funnily enough partly Everett True's fault). Wierd noises coming out of mangrove swamps. Smoked salmon. The fact that the Millenium Bridge over the Thames can shimmy.
What do you hate?: My left knee. The fact that I'm 12000 miles from the nearest australian record store and pub stage. Politicians who forget what they're there for. Ignorance. Willful rudeness. Unwillingness to walk in the other man's shoes.
What do you listen to?: smudge, sneeze, and their friends and relations. Odds and sods of piano jazz. Finn brothers and all *their* friends and relations. You Am I. (mostly early) Whitlams. Occasional nostalgic trips back into new wave. And Radio 4.
What do you watch?: Very little.
What do you drink?: Fine red wine! But on the 364 days a year I can't afford it, cheap red wine. And lots of water.
What do you smoke?: I'm in a permanent state of 'giving up'.
What do you take?: Nothing. I should take clarinet lessons.
What do you believe in?: The interconnectedness of all things. The absence of a superior being. That it is possible for people to get along. That we shouldn't have private cars if we live in cities.That there has to be a quicker way to get to australia - we just haven't discovered it yet.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: South of England just finishing up fifth form.
What were you?: A boring, nervous, tall, very left wing girl in a right wing world
What did you wear?: Jeans. With holes in. And a very threadbare U2 'Boy' t-shirt.
What did you listen to?: I'd just got over the dangerous prog rock stage and was listening mostly to the waterboys, u2, and my moms billie holliday records.
What did you watch?: I really can't remember. The TUBE probably.
What did you love?: U2 and The Waterboys. The (old) Labour Party, CND and Amnesty International. The smell of vinyl records, and the big pictures on the sleeves. And I think a guy called James who played drums (that might have been 17 tho' ) Sailing.
What did you hate?: Margaret Thatcher. Elvis Costello should be sainted for writing 'Tramp the Dirt Down' Most of my right wing neighbors. Bombs of any denomination.
What did you drink?: Er...red wine :) And a lot of coffee
What did you smoke?: Nothing. Which does beg the question, since I survived through my teenage years without being tempted, why did I take it up at 26?
What did you take?: The piss out of tories.
What did you want to be?: A great writer. And the next Paul McGuiness (U2s manager from the outset)
Who did you fight?: Never actually hit anyone. Argued to a screaming standstill with right wing friends.
Who/What did you believe in?: That Amnesty worked. That Britain would never get rid of Thatcher. That nobody understood me ;)
Where did you go?: Into London a lot. And when possible to dramatic cliffs to get all windswept and poetic
What did you learn?: That you can't trust daytime radio 1 to provide a musical education. That tories are sometimes intelligent That misplaced hope is a preferable mindset to misplaced teenage despair. That to win an arguement, you have to listen as well as shout :)