Who Are You?: Kathryn
Where Are You?: London,England (doesn't it sound better that way?)
What Are You?: a soon to be ex-media sales person
What do you make?: A mess
What do you love?: Indie pop, fizzy pop, public transport, staring into space,early 20th century womens writing,Los Bros Hernandez,
What do you hate?: My sense of guilt and inferiority
What do you listen to?: C86, Sarah records, Billy Bragg, Kelis, 60's Girl groups, the theme to "Get Carter"
What do you watch?: The Simpsons, Heavenly Creatures, Dinner Ladies
What do you drink?: Rum and Coke
What do you smoke?: Silk Cut
What do you take?: Echinacea
What do you believe in?: That being nice isn't just for suckers

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Oxford
What were you?: Indie schoolgirl
What did you wear?: ripped jeans, cheap hippy jewellery, anything silver
What did you listen to?: Blur, The Wonder Stuff, Kirsty MacColl, Neds Atomic Dustbin, South Pacific Soundtrack
What did you watch?: Monty Python,Red Dwarf, Rocky Horror Picture Show(about 100 times)
What did you love?: Writing bad poetry and wallowing in angst, Smoking, Orlando Hampton
What did you hate?: The fact Orlando Hampton had a girlfriend
What did you drink?: Scrumpy jack cider
What did you smoke?: Consulate, bad weed that my friend's dad grew in his greenhouse
What did you take?: WB's virginity
What did you want to be?: Orlando Hampton's girlfriend.....failing that an NME journo
Who did you fight?: My mother, Orlando Hampton's girlfriend
Who/What did you believe in?: Orlando Hampton (are we seeing a pattern emerge here?)
Where did you go?: School, Venture Scouts, my bedroom
What did you learn?: Eventually, that Orlando Hampton's girlfriend was an equally attractive prospect...which is where things began to get "interesting"!