Konrad Olsson

Who Are You?: Konrad Olsson, sweden

Where Are You?: at home, on the floor, reading magazines and contemplating my contemporary life.

What Are You?: 17-year old kid, fanzine-editor and rock n roll

What do you make?: fanzines, rock n roll, love

What do you love?: not much right now, im rather empty on feelings

What do you hate?: the police mostly

What do you listen to?: music, whatever comes me by, right now Bruce Springsteen, Faint Sounds of shoveled earth and Cobolt

What do you watch?: not that much TV, mostly movies, I just watched Jackie Brown on video

What do you drink?: trocadero, sometimes beer

What do you smoke?: donīt consider myself a smoker but I like Luckies, if anything

What do you take?: ehh... hrmm...

What do you believe in?: creativity, my future life

When We Were 16

Where were you?: ehh.. at home or out, I guess

What were you?: 16 years old obviously

What did you wear?: same thing as today

What did you listen to?: don't remember

What did you watch?: tv or something

What did you love?: you see, I wasn't that different just a year ago

What did you hate?:

What did you drink?:

What did you smoke?:

What did you take?:

What did you want to be?: fanzine-editor

Who did you fight?: the world

Who/What did you believe in?: me, myself and I

Where did you go?: to LA

What did you learn?: ehh..