m korchia@france

Where are you?

What are you? A kind of doctoral student i think, who makes music too.

What do you make? music, and a kind of doctoral thesis.

What do you love? my wife, booly (my cat). felt & the velvet underground.

What do you hate? when people shoot at me. having to piss but no toilets. having no time.

What do you listen to? felt & the velvet undergrounds, other band, mostly indie pop, my bands (mumbly & watoo watoo), consumers talking about brands (for my thesis).

What do you watch? too much tv, but more often my computer screen, boring...

What do you drink?water. no alcohol (tastes bad).

What do you smoke? see last question.

What do you take? see last question. i take care too, but not much.

What do you believe in? maybe in god, in fact.

  • When We were 16.

  • Where were you? sarcelles, 15 km from paris, france, a very sad & ugly town.

    What were you? a guy beginning to listen to punk bands, wearing blacks clothes, & quite idealist & dreamy &...?.

    What did you wear? black clothes, badges.

    What did you listen to? mostly punk bands (the damned...), gainsbourg....

    What did you watch? goldorak on tv (yes i did!), girls... who didn't watch me because i didn't know how to watch them.

    What did you love? i was seeking.

    What did you hate? the national front (i still do). french easy listening.

    What did you drink? what i drink now.

    What did you smoke? what i smoke now.

    What did you take? nothing, really sorry.

    What did you want to be? happy.

    Who did you fight? i didn't like fighting, but i wasn't a hippy!!!.

    Who/What did you believe in? in being free & happy.

    Where did you go? well, i was shy....

    What did you learn?what you learn at school, lyrics from my fave bands.

    october 1996.