Who Are You?: krista, other than that i'm not quite sure, alot of things i guess
Where Are You?: university, computer lab, victoria bc
What Are You?: female
What do you make?: silent observations of people and places, great food
What do you love?: the fall, good friends, calm, security
What do you hate?: security, insecurity, degrading humour
What do you listen to?: anything with good baselines, sea and cake, radiohead, nina simone, nike drake, old guided by voices, massive attack sounds of life passing me by
What do you watch?: movies, people laughing, nature, the sky
What do you drink?: tap water, frozen oj, green tea, beer
What do you smoke?: try not to
What do you take?: nothing
What do you believe in?: people

When We Were 16

Where were you?: small summer tourist town
What were you?: daughter, athlete, good, quiet
What did you wear?: thrift store junk
What did you listen to?: the cure, tradically hip, everyone else in my life
What did you watch?: tv, my friends social lives
What did you love?: can't remember
What did you hate?: life
What did you drink?: glacier berry coolers, barf me a river now
What did you smoke?: tried to smoke pot whenever i felt cool enough
What did you take?: sciences
What did you want to be?: a traveller, a lover, a hater, remembered
Who did you fight?: parents mostly, myself too
Who/What did you believe in?: can't remember, things would get more exciting and easier maybe
Where did you go?: where am i now?
What did you learn?: you have to be a different from everyone else to be happy