Who Are You?: Kristen
Where Are You?: Brighton, East Sussex, UK
What Are You?: Christian, sarcastic, anaemic, creative, loyal, polite, enthusiastic, wind-swept.
What do you make?: Faux pas, compilation tapes, artists books, good friends, high art, lists, a fanzine, lots of self-deprecating jokes, a little money.
What do you love?: Tea, lavender, buses, junk shops, Mark & Lard, Tom Phillips, good cover versions, snow shakers, living by the sea, the right record at the right time. The family and friends I've been blessed with.
What do you hate?: Dog muck, arguments, Chris Moyles, Stereophonics, icy pavements, bad cover versions, the f-word, homelessness, religion getting in the way of faith.
What do you listen to?: Belle & Sebastian, Kenickie, Looper, The Divine Comedy, Voice of the Beehive, Teenage Fanclub, Gorky's, The Hollies, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Neil Sedaka, Tindersticks, Crowded House, Orange Juice, Nick Drake, A House, Bananarama, Terry Hall, S Club 7.
What do you watch?: Father Ted, dinnerladies, Preston Front, Top of the Pops.
What do you drink?: Tea. A G&T, or some red wine. Tia Maria with orange juice.
What do you smoke?: Seagulls' bones, if they try anything...
What do you take?: My mum's advice. Iron. Zinc. Care.
What do you believe in?: Jesus - nothing else makes sense. Love - the reason for every good thing in this world. That what will be, will be.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Crawley, West Sussex, UK.
What were you?: A final-year GCSE student.
What did you wear?: Mostly, a school tie, navy blue sweater and charming grey pleated skirt! Otherwise, T-shirts the size of Wales and long swooshy flowered skirts.
What did you listen to?: Neil Sedaka, Crowded House, Extreme...there were even...(gasp)Phil Collins albums!
What did you watch?: The clock. The boy I couldn't look in the eye.
What did you love?: The boy I couldn't look in the eye, William Morris, and 'Oh Carol!'
What did you hate?: PE lessons. Rude customers at my Saturday job.
What did you drink?: Tea
What did you smoke?: I wasn't in with the 'in' crowd!
What did you take?: Milk, one sugar.
What did you want to be?: The new William Morris / Alphonse Mucha
Who did you fight?: Myself
Who/What did you believe in?: That I wanted to believe in something.
Where did you go?: Not far.
What did you learn?: Enough to be getting on with.