Who Are You?: liat
Where Are You?: at a computer, in an overpriced apartment in virginia
What Are You?: cells,blood,water,love,and a bit of you.
What do you make?: thoughts, unrealized stained glass works, origami and dinner almost every night.
What do you love?: mountain hikes to the cascades, saltwater taffy at the beach, my old friends from high school, the way it feels when i finish a thought-provoking book and have to sit very still for several minutes, hanggliding near water, the fact that i can love someone so deeply and it continues to grow each day even when i imagine it should be finite, the way a woman looks when she loves herself and doesn't care what the rest of us think.
What do you hate?: hypocrisy and institutionalized behavior patterns
What do you listen to?: birds, wind, drumnbass, pop, house while i jog, rem, u2, my lover snoring.
What do you watch?: iron chef on tv, children at the lake, dogs anyplace, birds at the breakfast table, the world go by.
What do you drink?: fresh squeezed orange juice, ammaretto sours, tanqueray gin and tonics, pepsi, iced thai coffee, water.
What do you smoke?: sadly, the secondhand smoke of other people's nasty habits.
What do you take?: i don't pollute.
What do you believe in?: miracles, human duty to be as wise and compassionate as we can be, a tight web of lives touching one another, the curative powers of water and rest.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in a very dark place, near washington dc.
What were you?: sad and selfish, but always myself.
What did you wear?: angel wing minidresses from my neighbor, lime green pantyhose, black shirts, chains, boots, black eyeliner.
What did you listen to?: terrible terrible music. peer pressure to engage in harmful activities.
What did you watch?: david letterman, the wall of my room if i was too high to get out of bed.
What did you love?: not very much, my drugs if anything.
What did you hate?: preps, most everything really.
What did you drink?: coca cola and coffee by the gallon.
What did you smoke?: camel lights, marlboro reds and occasionally a filterless.
What did you take?: drugs, anything to escape.
What did you want to be?: dead
Who did you fight?: god
Who/What did you believe in?: nothing except that it would be better to be gone.
Where did you go?: into my room, into my head, out of my mind.
What did you learn?: depression is a terrible disease but it can end. the world is a surprisingly small place filled with miracles. coincidences are nothing of the sort, they are signposts meant to be seen.