Who Are You?: loevkvist
Where Are You?: in my fathers office
What Are You?: quiet, cause my daughter is sleeping in the next room
What do you make?: newspapers
What do you love?: my daughter and her mother. Sunday mornings. Sleepless nights listening to quiet music. Risotto milanese and osso buco made with white wine and anchovies.
What do you hate?: not much. Maybe the fact that J.D.Sallinger have made so litle use of his storytelling-skills
What do you listen to?: Quannum. Gangstarr. Arvo Pärt. Rhonda Harris. That Pogues-lp with Summer in Siam on it. Is this real? by The Wipers. Royal Trux. Cirkeline. Labradford. Pan American. Bill and Ben.
What do you watch?: Simpsons. Seinfeld. Friends. Drew Carrey. Bertelsen. Mandrillen.
What do you drink?: Applejuice. Gammel Carlsberg.
What do you smoke?: Prince Ultra Light and a little hash
What do you take?: The bus
What do you believe in?: Being concentrated and doing things properly

When We Were 16

Where were you?: On my bike
What were you?: lonely in a different way than now
What did you wear?: My great grandfathers black nappa-jacket. Pink Panther-boxers. Tennis-socks. Levis. Sandmen-t-shirt
What did you listen to?: LL Cool J. Beastie Boys. Run DMC. Dillinger. Talk Talk. Talking Heads. VU.
What did you watch?: M*A*S*H
What did you love?: Chips
What did you hate?: taking the bus
What did you drink?: orangejuice
What did you smoke?: nothing
What did you take?: things too serious
What did you want to be?: someone else
Who did you fight?: nobody. I was scared.
Who/What did you believe in?: dont remember
Where did you go?:
What did you learn?: