Who Are You?: Iīm a looser baby, so why donīt you kill me?
Where Are You?: in my school. itīs awful.
What Are You?: a nitemare hippy girl.
What do you make?: confusion. By playing theater in weird places and making streetart.
What do you love?: sometimes my exboyfriend. :(
What do you hate?: -..-
What do you listen to?: doktor kosmos, old progressive music, ska, beck, jazz and anyone named bob
What do you watch?: mirrors
What do you drink?: absint and strawberryjuice
What do you smoke?: absolutely nothing!
What do you take?: pictures.
What do you believe in?: my self and kommunalism.. or syndicalism i donīt know yet.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: here
What were you?: two years younger.
What did you wear?: I donīt remember
What did you listen to?: björk and beck.
What did you watch?: TV.
What did you love?: the future
What did you hate?: racism and evil people.
What did you drink?: strawberryjuice
What did you smoke?: I didnīt want to.
What did you take?: pictures
What did you want to be?: like I am now
Who did you fight?: the power
Who/What did you believe in?: starwars
Where did you go?: to hultsfred, and to england
What did you learn?: something.. I really donīt know.