Who Are You?: Lutra99
Where Are You?: NW1
What Are You?: old, sad, bored - I WANT MY WOLFHOUNDS BACK!!!
What do you make?: accidental classical-sounding shite
What do you love?: wolfhounds (the band), shetland, cider, cheese
What do you hate?: plenty
What do you listen to?: Wolfhounds, Broadcast, Seafood, Delgados Joy Division
What do you watch?: Nature programmes
What do you drink?: Cider
What do you smoke?: Marlboro lights
What do you take?: nowt
What do you believe in?: nowt - you either know or you don't

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Same place
What were you?: A longhair
What did you wear?: orange jeans that me dad "found" down the market...
What did you listen to?: Yes, Pink Floyd etcetc.......
What did you watch?: can't remember
What did you love?: Not a lot
What did you hate?: Most everthang
What did you drink?: Tea
What did you smoke?: Nowt
What did you take?: Nowt
What did you want to be?: An interpreter
Who did you fight?: Never
Who/What did you believe in?: Still nothing
Where did you go?: to hell and back (no not really)
What did you learn?: that it's never too late