A 'Manager'

Who Are You?: A 'Manager' taking a very long and not approved T break!!
Where Are You?: Watching lakes being made by the sea.
What Are You?: A free thinker trapped in a brain.
What do you make?: A fool of myself
What do you love?: All things that impress
What do you hate?: The human race making a fool of itself
What do you listen to?: My head
What do you watch?: People
What do you drink?: Alcohol & some soft mixers
What do you smoke?: anything that is grown naturally - but I would like not to.
What do you take?: Hours to make a decision
What do you believe in?: Irony

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Watching lakes being made by the sea
What were you?: A young fool - but then I was great.
What did you wear?: Fabulous frilly stuff - made by my mother
What did you listen to?: My heart
What did you watch?: My family
What did you love?: Books
What did you hate?: No books
What did you drink?: 'Pop'
What did you smoke?: My mothers smoke
What did you take?: Hours over school work
What did you want to be?: Free
Who did you fight?: My Dad
Who/What did you believe in?: Me & only Me
Where did you go?: To a young & foolish hell & back
What did you learn?: How to juggle.